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My AmatureMatch Review –

I don’t consider myself a connoisseur of adult sites, but I’ve been checking out some of the more adult related dating pages though recently to try to find the best ones out there. I have looked far and wide to find where the deals are because this stuff can get really expensive. We are all mature enough here to realize that most warm blooded males in the US are at least interested when they hear about amaturematch and various other pages. My purpose for these reviews is to keep you from getting ripped off like I did.
I have had a pleasurable experience with my amaturematch review but there are a lot of sites out there that I didn’t have the same kind of luck with.

The first one I went to was a site that claimed to have over 1 million members and thousands within my area. They even told me that there was a guarantee of at least 1,000 members within 20 square miles of my house. Luckily amaturematch doesn’t make such claims. I found that the members which showed up on the map near my house suddenly disappeared once I signed up and handed over my credit card. It was pretty disappointing and I was upset because I had wasted $60 on the membership.

That wasn’t even my worst story. After that, I tried to do a little more research and got excited about a nationally reputable company. Everything looked totally legit and I didn’t anticipate any serious problems and at first there were none. That didn’t last long. After a couple weeks I started getting emails and even phone calls from people trying to sell me things. I am on all of the do not call lists however, it looks like these people sold my info. The worst part about that was these were generally adult related companies calling me. If I didn’t pick up the phone in time, then my daughter could have easily picked up. Thank goodness that never happened, but it was a consistent concern. I had to find the parent company and threaten a lawsuit before I finally got out of their spider web.

The last site I tried before my amaturematch review wasn’t too bad. I don’t have a horror story about them but they weren’t great either. Just because you aren’t intentionally deceiving me, that doesn’t mean you are great. The site had a good sales pitch which was true. They claimed to be a local site that wasn’t nationwide so you would only be meeting singles in your area. This was true and I was fairly excited about getting started with them. They had a myspace style setup and I thought they kept things pretty up to date. My only issue was the actually people on the site. It was mostly guys and the girls that were on there was just too young. I started to think at first that they were all models or something but then none of them reply to me. If they had been paid then at least one of them would of responded because they always try to get you to go to their website.

And finally there was amaturematch which offered me the most for my money and I must say I am very excited about it. Not a lot of people can look at a site and know right away if it is legitimate or not. It’s especially hard when we are talking about adult content stuff online. There are way too many scammers and spammers in the field and I wish more people would help me to raise the awareness against these frauds.

I have been trying to fight the kind of junk we see in other fields so that people aren’t wasting money online for quite some time. It’s hard because people usually jump to other sites before reading a review page but what I’ve recently learned is that these kinds of pages are starting to get a lot of clicks. That’s great news for me and even better news for the everyday consumer.

Before my amaturematch review I had written about 100 different reviews about others sites and other stuff I saw that I thought people like you should know about. Not one to be a big tattle tale, I am just out there to make sure you get the right information before submitting your card and finding out they could be doing things with it that you don’t like. It is illegal for them to use your information without your consent so if you ever see that happening, you should let someone know. Also the second website I mentioned above has been offline now for over 2 months so I certainly feel like I’ve done my job. Thanks for reading and I hope you find some help here.